Auto Wrecks

Careless drivers of cars, trucks and other vehicles can injure innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians, leaving them with severe injuries. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision, you may face large medical bills and severe pain and suffering. You may not be able to return to your job, or participate in activities you previously enjoyed. Auto wrecks are painful and emotionally taxing on you and your loved ones.

Auto wrecks can lead to a number of difficult hardships for crash victims and their families. Victims may suffer soft tissue injury, broken bones, or injuries to the brain and spinal cord. These and other severe injuries can take a very long time to recover from, and can sometimes have lifelong consequences.

If you are hurt:

  • Get immediate  medical attention.
  • Call our office for an appointment.
  • You will talk directly to the lawyers handling your case, not a legal assistant.

  • Comprehensive review of your claim.
  • No hassle from insurance adjusters.

  • We will communicate with your Doctors (and we are Chiropractic-friendly).

  • We will VIGOROUSLY fight insurance companies in negotiations and trial.

  • We have the knowledge to determine how much your claim is worth and will fight for every penny. Call our office today! An initial consultation is free.
Your Appointment
For those of you that would like to know a little more about what you may be expected to bring, please feel free to click this link  . For those that might be too overwhelmed by everything, please just bring yourself.